anthology news

I have two stories in anthologies coming out this year and maybe early next year. The first drops September 1, an urban fantasy anthology called MANIFESTO UF. My story Chains of Grey features angels and demons.


The second one is my quickest sale to date. I wrote the story (8000 words) cut (to 6400 words) and had it critted last week. Did a final revision on Monday and turned it in.  Found out Tuesday they lurved it. (It's not that unusual, actually. Pro writers do this sort of thing all the time. I was just thrilled to find out I could do it.) The story is an epic fantasy featuring brand spankin' new characters called Season of the Soulless.  It may or may not be backstory for a certain epic fantasy series I hope to start in 2014. The anthology is called NEVERLAND'S LIBRARY and features an intro by Tad Williams (squee!). It's all for charity to help new readers discover a love for epic fantasy and has a fundraiser on IndieGoGo.  Scroll down the IndieGoGo page to see the fabulous cover art by Gabriel Verdon  and find out who else has stories in it. It promises to be a great anthology. 

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