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Why haven't I posted?

Er. Uninspired. Also writing a space opera (that has promised to kill me) at a mind-boggingly slooow pace and I'm at the hard bit so...Squirrel!  Which is a short story for an anthology that has such a great list of names I can't not write a story for it!!

Plus lots happened. Starfest!

Hubcap, Me, David Boop, Peter Wacks
Me, Jesse Bullington, Molly Tamner (in the wayback)

I'm still fussing mentally over a new proclivity toward feminism. I've sat down to write a post a half-dozen times but I don't have my thoughts sorted yet.

This past weekend I played Cards Against Humanity (a party game for horrible people) with some old friends (which we were advised to do, not start off with strangers. However, I do so much in my life with strangers, I don't know if I'd care...)

Anyway, it's a hoot of a game and I'm well known for hating games.

Print it or Buy it, but srsly, get you some.

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