the BookSworn

If you love epic fantasy, you'll love the BookSworn.


Announcing BookSworn: a new affiliation of Epic Fantasy writers. Our purpose is to help you find the best Fantasy the genre has to offer.  Our home is but you'll find us and our works all over the web, like on twitter at @BookSworn (follow the #BookSworn hashtag). 

I know all these folks, many in RL, and they're all not only fabulous writers representing The Newest Best in the genre, but they're also wickedly clever and giggly funny. Just the planning emails alone make a better distraction than all the Angry Cat memes combined. I'm honored to be included among them.

To celebrate our launch, we're starting an Epic Contest (see what I did there... epic, like in Epic Fantasy, hahaha...sigh) in which you can win books!!! 

It's called The Masquerade and you can win lots of books! 

Head over to to find out more. 

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