rotating pee smells

At the zoo in the new elephant exhibit they move the animals around (rhinos, elephants, and other stuff I can't remember) from pen to pen to give them new things to smell. Except there's like 5 animals so I'd guess the elephant is all, "Damn it, Frank peed here again. I TOLD him not to." I know I know elephants don't belong in zoos. But I have to say these pens are HUGE, like an estate for elephants. They have their own house with African decor and two pools and everything.

We did that for the dog last night. (No, we didn't her put in a pool. Pay attention.)  My friend walked her black lab over to pick up her kid from The Birthday Party From Hell and we put him in the back yard. My dog was in her kennel on account of growling at The Birthday Guests From Hell (who actually were the ones who belonged on the kennel).

We let our dog out when it was all over.


Our yard is pretty big. Not postage stamp sized like most of the yards in Stepford, but not envelope sized either...well, maybe the check-sized envelope sized that no one uses anymore because no one uses checks anymore. Yes, I know envelope sizes are numbered. No, I'm no going to google it.

In other news, my daughter is finished turning eleven after two weeks and life can go back to its regularly scheduled chaos. Just in time for standardized testing.


Claire L. Fishback said...

Our dog goes nuts in the yard every evening when we get home from work and let her out. She bounds out into the yard with a growl in her throat in case of intruders, then proceeds to walk the perimeter, nose to the ground. Only after she's done that does she get around to peeing. Dogs are great. Crazy. But great.

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Yeah, crazy but great. I'm definitely a dog person.