I love Hot Topic. I'm all about the geeky swag and concert shirts, the cheap jewelry and mesh gloves, the dresses with skulls, the cheap boots, the tatted up staff.

Except, I'm a mom.

So I go in there and suddenly I'm the middle-aged mom who makes all the other customers play the "one of these things isn't like the others" game. I'm just there carrying the bag of money for my kids.

Youth is wasted on the young. It should be wasted on me, damn it.

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Claire L. Fishback said...

I, too, love Hot Topic. There's a little goth girl inside me that begs to come out when I spot a cute plaid pleated skirt and a fishnet top...

I was Lizbeth Salandar for Halloween and got to rock the goth look all day. It was awesome.