hydra not qualified by sfwa

Whether you're a member of Science Fiction Writers of America or not, it's worth paying attention to their qualified list, which is open for anyone to view on their website. They have good reasons for listing or delisting--foremost, the protection of writers.

A note on Random House's Hydra I just recieved:

SFWA has determined that works published by Random House’s electronic imprint Hydra can not be use as credentials for SFWA membership, and that Hydra is not an approved market. Hydra fails to pay authors an advance against royalties, as SFWA requires, and has contract terms that are onerous and unconscionable.

Hydra contracts also require authors to pay – through deductions from royalties due the authors – for the normal costs of doing business that should be borne by the publisher.

Hydra contracts are also for the life-of-copyright and include both primary and subsidiary rights. Such provisions are unacceptable.

At this time, Random House's other imprints continue to be qualified markets.

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