busy busy busy

I'm crazy busy the next couple of weeks, and it started last night, at Hugh Howey's launch for WOOL at Tattered Cover. We're agency-mates and he's a stand up guy, funny too. I've only known Hugh since last summer and he's had an epic rise even since then, and seems to be handling it with grace and humility. There's a lesson there for us all. (I hope to someday have to handle an epic rise with grace and humility.)

I thanked him at the after party for not reading and he said, "I know, right? Readings are so boring."

I might have to start talking instead of reading; or not reading so much. Fortunately EXILE's first scene lends itself well to that.

Today I'm taking my son down to Shannon Baker's launch for her new book TAINTED MOUNTAIN. Lots of friends to see, some of whom I saw last night.

Tomorrow I'll be in Denver for the Fado St Pats party (come round and find me if you're there, we'll share beers and laughs).  Yes, I know today is the big day but we're purists. We've ALWAYS celebrated St Pats on the DAY and will until we drop.

Next week we have company, and next weekend is a final ski weekend (of a sort, the snow is meh) and THEN I head to Kansas. It's mostly vacay to hang with family and friends, but I'll be dropping in a few bookstores to sign stock while I'm there, if anyone in the area is looking for a signed copy.

And did I mention in there I'm trying to write a novella? In a week?


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