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Next week I'm doing a series on being a writer. Not craft, but the actual being. I'm writing it when I'm drunk so it's amusing, at least to me. And I've had some significant help from other writers for one post...  Something to look forward to.

Tomorrow's post features an excerpt from EMISSARY, just for fun.

Thanks to everyone who has contacted me regarding the launch. You're all made of awesome. So many more books have been ordered, even by folks I don't know!! Woot!  Signed copies are available at Tattered Cover Stores. Thank you!!! I'm going to try to get around and sign some copies for local stores next Gracie girl has been sick so I'm a bit home-bound at the moment.

I put up more stuff on EXILE Extras -- besides the first chapter, there's the map of Akrasia, a character list, place list, some lingo.... if you're so inclined. Eventually I'll be putting some links to things I've written about EXILE.

It's looking more like I will be in Kansas at the end of March, so if you want to meet me, I'll have some appearances. They'll be listed here.

And gahh, Fat Tuesday is coming NEXT WEEK. Must plan's tradition around here to drag ourselves to Ash Wednesday mass hungover.

Right then. Back to writing.

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