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I've added some content on the EXILE extras page. The map of Akrasia and a character list, as well as the first chapter. At the end of the month the first chapter will be in the new Electric Spec issue so that will shift to a link. The formatting there is better than on this site.

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With all the promo going on, I've been neglecting writing. But here's  a little snippet from EMISSARY after the jump to pacify you.

          Tyrolean took a step forward and cast his gaze over them. Covered in the filth of battle and holding himself with the ease of someone who knew his way around a sword or two, it was impossible to deny his honor and military stature. “I’m of the opinion the Ashen were conducting a systematic search, my lords. Every door in the tower had been pried open.”
            “Elena would make a pretty hostage, truth?” Draken said, his tone dry.
            Another silence. Draken wondered if the lords would have parlayed for her freedom or launched into immediate spats over who should take her place in her Bastion at Auwaer City.
            “If abduction was their intent then they'd want some sort of terms, renegotiate our treaties.” Moriartus heaved a sigh. It had to have burned, considering taking terms from an enemy he had invaded and lost against.
            “Are you against diplomacy, my lord?” Draken asked.
            Moriartus held his gaze for a long moment. “Every instinct tells me to sink their ships and kill the prisoners. I can’t help but think the Queen would agree.”
            Draken tried to keep his stiffness from reaching his face. She had ordered him to do just that. “We might have won this morning, and we might even win the battle that follows, but it would lead to another war we cannot win. I do not think my…” He hesitated, chilled at his near slip. “I do not think the Fire King will be so merciful this time.”
            “Merciful? Gods, man, you know naught of which you speak. You weren’t there. I was.” Moriartus rose abruptly to cross to a table. He waved away a servant and poured his own cup of wine. “Five thousand heads adorned the Fire King’s palace walls, part of our ‘treaty’ as he called it so prettily. For all I know they’re still there.”
           They were, sun-bleached skulls all.

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