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The first post is here.
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The fifth post comes on Thursday.

Any questions?

Okay, here's a pretty picture of Draken as a treat:


Donna Hole said...

That looks great.


Hypervorean said...

Hey, that is a pretty nice looking cover.

I have only just rather accidentally become aware of this upcoming book of yours. But I must say that I am pretty intrigued by the descriptions I have read of it so far. I am curious enough that I might pick it up sometime once it is out and I would be sure to review it on my blog - just thought I'd warn you :P

Anyway, I shan't detain you from your undoubtedly more important business any longer.

Cheers from Hypervorean!
(I'm sorry that I couldn't bring a beer this time around)

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Hi Hypervorean, always happy to see some interest in Draken. I'm rather fond of him myself. :) Thanks for coming 'round.