o-bam-a and o-pot-a in co

I'm happy with the result of the election, of course, and relieved, etc. I'm glad to have a guy in office that doesn't make my stomach curdle every time he opens his mouth. I still have issues with Obama that are unlikely to be resolved in the next four years (like putting the Wall Street folks who drove the country into the ground into prison), but I like people getting help with health care, and I like reasonable, smart foreign policy (excepting the drone attacks). NPR suggested Obama would find a new Sec of State; I guess we'll see. Clinton is whipcrack smart and people from all sides seem to like her, so I think she's a great candidate for President. In the meantime I'd love to see consistancy with foreign policy, so despite her taking the fall for the difficult Libyan Embassy situation, I'd like to see her stay in. My expectations for the economy are about the same. I think about two decades of damage were done and we've been recovering since 2008. I don't have any great hopes of getting rich. I'm just happy to keep plugging away at a job I love and doing my best to make it something that can contribute to the family's income.

For the record I thought Obama's acceptance speech was stunningly well done. I thought his crowd was wonderful and representative of the country. I thought Mitt conceded graciously and with more heart than I'd seen out of the guy  (though I still consider him a second rate actor more than a politician). I thought his crowd represented the Republican's shrinking base well, since as far as I could tell he didn't have half the numbers Obama did and most of the faces were embarrassingly white. I heard on CNN that Mitt never wrote a concession speech. Which shows, as my hubbins mentioned last night, the immaturity of the campaign and the man's obvious, glaring blind spot to his own inadequacies. Plus I like Polis, have for awhile now, so that's all good too.

A little confusing to me is MaryJane legalized in Colorado, which is where I live. I guess we'll see how it falls out. I didn't vote for or against it. I don't smoke it at all. Not even "not inhaling", though I enjoy contact highs pretty often at concerts. Well, enjoy is a strong word. I'm a beer and whiskey girlio, not a pothead at all. I've never much liked the stuff. But if people do, more power to 'em.


 I can think of a dozen problems with legalizing it that have nothing to do with it being a "drug" but more of the smoking sort of thing.  But hell, pot plants actually make great, cool looking plants. Maybe I'll grow one for the fun of it. If that's part of the law. Frankly, I didn't get the law when I read it and somehow I missed all along that we were voting to legalize recreational weed.

Right, then. Back to EMISSARY. You know, real stuff!


Peter Dudley said...

No idea, but I would think that marijuana being federally illegal still trumps the state laws. Be careful out there.

I didn't think much of Romney's concession speech. It sounded like when a kid says "I'm sorry" because their mom forces them to. They don't really mean it.

And I loved the diversity in the crowd at Obama's event. That's what America looks like, not the old white Christian male. (And yes, I realize that I fit 75% of those characteristics.)

Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing over Gov. Hickenlooper's Cheetos and goldfish statement that sailed across Twitter and FB at about 12 am on election night. Then, the Daily Show picked it up the next day and ran with it....

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

That was awesome Renata!

Pete, I agree, mostly. I did feel that I saw more of Romney the man and Romney the Broken Man because he wrote that speech minutes before it was delivered.