bear hugs

Actually, yeah. Yeah, he did.
The above illustrates why the Republicans Don't Get It. Americans want to see aisle crossing. They want to know their leaders will put their differences aside in crucial moments and Get Shit Done.

 I've never been a Christie fan. I don't like a lot of the things he stands for. But I know I can trust him to do the right thing when the need arises, when his people are in danger. We all know better where we stand with the guy. Which is more than we can say for a lot of politicians.

Of course the Right has a tradition of huddling up and shuffling further Right when things don't go their way. I anticipate them doing it. And I anticipate a long string of Democratic Presidents as a result. Which I don't necessarily think is a good thing.


RenataH said...

I completely agree with you about the Christie/Obama interaction after Sandy. It prompted the first political discussion I've ever had with my mother who, come to find out, is as ardent a Democrat as I am. Still, the focus of our discussion on that issue was not about politics, but about the sincere connection made between these two men, the one who desperately sought help for the people of his state and the one who immediately understood, offered, and followed through on giving that help. No tit-for-tat, no markers created or called in, no bullshit. Both men proved that partisan bickering can be put aside and real unity achieved.

Lisa at Amalfi Blue said...

Totally agree with you Betsy. The leadership from both Governors Christie & Cuomo showed this country how to rise to the challenge of disaster, unlike what happened in the wake of Katrina. I think the perfect "aisle crossing" combo would be Cuomo in 2016 and Christie in a cabinet post!