Copy edits are finished on EXILE. I'll probably make a quick run through the book today or tomorrow just to make sure it's all good. But it'd be surprising if I catch anything -- between me and the copy editor and my managing editor Ross, I think we're pretty solid (hopehopehope!) and plus I'm a little sick of looking at the thing. That's not usually too much of a problem, except sometimes you don't see stuff when you are sick of it... I unfortunately didn't get to do it by print because my book broke my printer!! Gaaaa!

At any rate, I'm ready to dive back into EMISSARY, as well as work on the space opera for my agent.  PLUS I need to write a novelette or something about Draken to work in conjunction with the books coming out. And really I should see to the rights on my stories and put them out on Amazon. I haven't dived in because even having someone else doing the heavy lifting doesn't mean there won't be a lot of work in it for me. But I'm at the point where I need everything I have out there, for sure. I'm a big believer that nothing sells or promotes your books like new stuff and a quantity of good stuff out there.

That's not even going over all the stuff I've got to do at home - mommy stuff, you know. Tomorrow is Halloween. My little girl is gonna be a minecraft creeper. Rock on. We need to run out and get red felt so she can make a bag that says TNT. She cracks me up.

Also working on writing a blog post:  Interversy - The Introvert's Guide to a Writing Career in the New Age of Promotion.

What're y'all workin' on??

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