talk: how much is too much?

One of the things I learned at MileHiCon, I learned while saying it on a panel. I've been thinking a lot about how much I say online (lately, especially politics). Lots of people don't like to talk politics at all online, don't want to send readers screaming away. Yes, I think I overdid it last week (but it was so damn fun) and I realized why I think it's okay:

SF and Fantasy writers have traditionally pushed the envelope on social issues. If our writing in the genre means anything at all, it's because we're examining social, political, and scientific "whys" and "what ifs?"  If someone won't buy my book because of my politics, then maybe they wouldn't like my books anyway. And I think I have to be cool with that.

Not that I'll go on talking politics, or much at all, really. Too busy with stories, which is my first concern, always.


Donna Hole said...

I read high fantasy for the social and philosophy views; but I admit I'm not into indepth conversations in person - or online.

Still, we are what we write, lol.


Anonymous said...

Excellent point, Bets. One of the reasons, I love the Star Trek franchise is that those characters have already come together as a planet and are then striving to spread that connectedness across the stretches of space. I SO want that for all Earth's people now!