Sorry. I know I've been quiet. But edits on EXILE are finished (well, this round is, anyway. Still have to get through the editor, since I wrote some fresh words for it, and the copy editor, of course.) Short deadline. Long days. Husband did everything I usually do. (thanks, honey!)

Then I write stuff for here and it's so controversial and I know people will argue, because people will defend hypocrisy to the death, and it's just so boring and tiring. Can we have the election now please? Can the people trying to subvert my peaceful faith into something hateful go away now? kthxbye

So onto a more mundane, yet FUN, topic:

I got my schedule for MileHiCon

3 Friday Social Media  Grand Mesa A

Can't imagine why I'm on that one.I don't know that I know any of the others on there. I'll have to google 'em. Heh. See what I did there? 

9 Friday Hipster Readings - with Bongos

with Mario Acevedo, Jason Heller, SG Jones, Julie Kazimer, and Cherie Priest

It should say with alcohol, too. Or coffee. Whatever warms the cockles of your little hipster heart.

 10 Saturday Urban Fantasy and Paranormal - What's the difference?

I hope we can rile the crowd up like we did last time I talked about this at Colorado Gold. I'm the moderator (just noticed that!) so I can do it all question-like.

MileHiCon is one of my favorite weekends of the convention year. It also reminds me I'd better start thinking about NEXT year!!!


j.a. kazimer said...

The bongo reading is making me extremely nervous. Lots of drinks I think.

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Julie, me too!! I need to practice. Fortunately my piece is VERY short.