cons for 2013

Schedule for Mile Hi Con:

3pm   Social Media   Grand Mesa A
9pm   Hipster Reading  Grand Mesa A B C

10am  Urban Fantasy/Paranormal  Grand Mesa A

Other than that, you can find me in the bar or wandering.

This weekend is my final appearance for the year, through February. I've needed some time off and I still do, honestly. Appearances are a blast, cons are a blast. They also take it out of me, and take me away from my family.

I'm looking at cons and appearances for 2013. I do have a book coming out in February, so there are a few requirements along with that (like a reading at Tattered Cover???--a dream come true).

I love me some cons. I really do. But I had about a dozen appearances/cons last year. That's a lot for a homebody like me.  Plus I have four immediate projects requiring attention, plus the stuff I put off for this contract. I can easily be writing fulltime through 2014. My writing calendar is full-up.

The worst time was right around when school was starting: Labor Day weekend at WorldCon and RMFW's Colorado Gold a scant 3 days later. That was exacerbated by lots of company (which I lurved, but which is now, unfortunately, banned from the house in the month of August--except for my mum, who does stuff like cook for us).

Cons are hit or miss as far as sales go. The primary thing I gain is keeping my finger on the pulse of my genres, and networking with industry pros. I also get to meet a lot of fans, which is made of awesome. Does that lead to book sales? Depends. I know I had a day where my books sold out at a conference after a panelist said it was like Supernatural on steroids. (best. quote. ever.) Generally cons have a slow, long tail, like how selling books is supposed to these days.

Right now the schedule is setting up something like this (having arranged no travel or such, mind you):

Release Events (Tattered Cover/WhoElse Books) February and March  - Denver Metro

Denver ComicCon - Memorial Day Weekend

WorldCon - San Antonio - Labor Day Weekend

Colorado Gold - Mid September

Mile Hi Con - Late October

World Fantasy? - It's in Bristol, England. Honestly, this one will have more to do with promoting in the UK if I need to. Otherwise it's an expensive trip, though an essential one for networking (hint-hint, writers in Spec Fic). It also may very well coincide with the Trade Paperback release of EXILE. No word on that date yet, but that seems to be the schedule for Night Shade.

Any essentials missed? Anything you want me to attend, con organizers? You can email me through my contact page or find me on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Surely one of my fav writers and all-around inspirational people is not moaning about being famous?!

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

No. Not about that. Just about being away so much. :) It is a part of the job, though.