where do you get your news?

After a conversation last night, I'm wondering if, as I was taught 25 years ago at University, that the Christian Science Monitor is still judged as the most even-keeled news source. I'm going to start reading it a bit religiously to try to figure it out.

When I said Fox news was all lies and propaganda, my friend shot back that CNBC was too.

My answer (which I thought was pretty good): "Yes. I know. That's why I don't watch either one." 

Why anyone would knowingly seek out a KNOWN biased news source is beyond me. My friend said he watched both FOX and CNBC, as if that evened things out. I suspect that must be the case with a lot of people, if they bother to listen to the other side at all. Most people are far too insecure in their own beliefs for that. News seems to have become another source of validation, and a pretty pathetic one, if you ask me.

Instead of balancing, though, I think he must be on an endless teeter-totter of partisanship. No wonder the country is such a fucking mess if watching two completely biased news stations is the only perceived way of getting at the truth.

I also like BBC, too, though I get the idea they're pretty liberal.  I used to listen to NPR but they don't cover regular stuff. They like to go deep into people's stories, and I found I didn't give a shit about most of the people they covered, and I felt like I missed a lot of normal "happenings."

Local news? I rely on, of all things, Facebook. It actually works pretty well for that. 

Where do y'all get your news?


Mario Acevedo said...


Peter Dudley said...

I get pretty much all my news from Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, The Daily Show, and our local ABC Twitter feed.

Well, sort of. Wait Wait gives me the important news from the week, and the ABC local twitter feed gives me the local things like shootings and refinery explosions. The Daily Show makes me laugh. Anything I can't get from those three, though, I don't really need.

ThinkBannedThoughts said...

Bill Maher, Jon Stewart and The Onion.
They seem to have the most accurate unbiased news. They know that all the politicians are a$$holes, and we're all suckers.