the royal naked we

I'm shamefully behind on my writing; wish I had more time this summer. And the schedule isn't lightening. If anything it's, er, heavier (?) because of back to back cons in the next two weeks. But we'll get through. We always do. (Me and my cuddly bottle of Bushmills, I mean. Not the Royal Naked We.)

This sequel business is tough. I mean, I want to do it right, do the series justice. (I think!) Draken is growing as a character.  It's interesting to watch a forty year old guy grow. Most of the guys I know hit their forties and stall out. Not my hubbins, actually. But other guys. I wonder if he should be more resistant? He might be soon (minor spoiler) as he has to go back to his homeland. Going back home always drags us backwards, doesn't it? Something to play with, I guess, while he internally resists.

And I've got some folks doing some twisted shit in the book. The motivation isn't clear though I've got a handle on the theme, I think.

Other than that it's all blah blah blah with the election. I'm afraid to say I've little hope in either party. It's more "Who will do less harm?" For me that's clearly Obama. I tend to vote social issues and that the Republicans can't shut up their wingnuts tells me their party, and all of them, are raging out of control. Or worse, that they agree with the wingnuts. And I'm afraid the latter is the case. Romney isn't an honest person. He might think he is, but he's not. No one in big business is. It's simply not possible to be successful in big business and be honest. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Which leads me to an interesting idea for EMISSARY.... hmmm....

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Peter Dudley said...

... isn't there some medical bowel-straightening procedure available for characters who do twisted shit?

Sequels are hard, though. I agree. I just finished the first draft of mine. In many ways harder than a fresh, new story.