Here are some of mine and what I try to do about them. This is by no means a complete list.

I forget birthdays.

So...some of them I can do things about. Yes, I could keep a calendar of birthdays. Do I? No. If it's on Facebook then I gotcha back. If not...not so much.

I'm bad with names.

I do try with names. Unfortunately, I still suck at them.Mnemonic bubonic; that shit don't work on me.  I've given myself over to advising people I will ask their name several times before it ingrains itself in my skull. If I remember your name quickly it's cuz I'm all fangrrl over you, or I hate you. It takes such extremes to inject names into my consciousness.

I use too many pronouns in my writing.

Humph. Once I tried to correct this issue and a new critter said: Why do you use your character's names so much?

I get very bitchy when I don't get time on my own.

There's a a word for that: introvert. I try to just get really quiet.

I eat too much junk food.

Oh man, I've had chips for lunch the last three days! Ranch Doritios!! And the drinking, OMG, the drinking. Gaa, getting fat. I'm here to say I'm actually NOT eating chips today.

I forget how old I am.

Seriously. I once talked to a much older lady with the same problem. She turned to me after talking to my niece's boyfriend (who was much younger than both of us) "He was very polite, especially since I forgot I'm old and no one his age wants to talk to me!" That I've been carded twice since my 45th birthday last week doesn't help in that regard. Plus I act immature. Just ask my 13 year old. He'll tell you.

I don't pray enough, or make it to mass often enough.

Actually, I do little prayers and gestures (like crossing my forehead when I pass an Episcopalian church) a lot. I keep meaning to get that cross tattoo. That would keep me covered, at least. But really praying...I suck at that. Half the time I'm kneeling in church my mind is going off in a million different directions.

I can't talk politics without pissing off everyone in the room.

I really can't. Seriously. But it's not me. You're all wrong, so very wrong.

I'm very frank.

Word up.

I hate being sold to. Never met a car salesperson I ended up friendly with.

You best be careful telling me what I "want" to buy, son. This is why I hate politics and politicians. Salespeople, the lot of them. With zero sense of humor and gigantic balls that are best kept in their pants. (oops, there's that frankness thing coming back to bite me in the ass again. and probably the whole "piss everyone off" thing too.)

I have little faith in humanity.

There are so very few people who really do anything but focus on ole No. 1. I toss myself into that mix. I am finding where my passions lie in regards to helping others. I mean, if someone wants to make a law regarding my personal decisions, that's honestly more about THEM than it is me. Oh...see? here I go pissing everyone off again with my political frankness.

I'm opinionated.

But I try to keep them to myself. Snort.

Do you try to correct your own faults? Or do you let them slide?

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siebendach said...

Hmm. Most of the things that people identify as my faults aren't faults at all.

So I don't really have this problem.