a more measured political post

Warning: I will delete any comments left on Facebook. I don't want to discuss politics there. If you have something to say, say it here, please. And here's why:

 Facebook is like a highway where people are revving engines and flipping each other off as they race to their next thing, with no thought that they might later run into that person in, well, person.

I try hard if I mouth off online to say only things I'd say to the person's face. Of course, I've had an active life online for 8 years and met many folks I only knew online (two of which have become my bfs)  so I've learned how to behave.  For instance, the other day an acquaintance posted something that offended me. I got angry and said something back. If he'd said that to me in person, I would have lipped off the exact same way. But...would he say that in person to me? I don't know. I rather doubt it. And therein lies the problem with Facebook. So no politics there for me. But here... this is my playground.

This article really lays out my thoughts and fears well, though I've rarely voted Republican. It's really interesting and detailed and thought provoking. It's also not hateful. I found that refreshing. For the record, I liked McCain. He made a lot of sense. Then he brought Palin on board and blew the election. Mostly because of social issues, but also because Republicans (and many Democrats, lets face it) just seem so damned supercilious. Let's face it: politicians are glorified sales people, and a lot of them are assholes. Obamarama is pretty good at hiding his assholery, but Mittens, not so much.

I mean, Mittens really seems like an asshole. I don't know, of course, but based on his looks, voice, mannerisms and what he says, he comes off as an asshole. He just isn't my kind of people. I've yet to hear him say anything of substance and, though I could give a rats ass if he's rich, there are too many reports of the people he's stepped on to get there. I know business well enough to know the ruthlessness it takes to achieve what he has. Before you get all up in arms, Obamarama probly isn't my kind of people so much either, though we do have kids the exact same age and he's liberal socially, so we probably have more in common.

 I also judge people poorly who populate the earth with their offspring. We should all know better, all 7 Billion of us. The earth isn't that big. Two kids each, maybe three.

Plus I have a deep-seated prejudice against rampant faith mongering. It's not Mormonism per se, it's any religion that overtakes thought and reason with belief. Trying to legislate belief really sends me over. Evangelical Christianity, some Muslims--though the ones I know are pretty moderate. I prefer old religion, like the Jews. They seem to be a thinking people and a thinking faith, by and large. Catholicism has its issues, but there is a lot of good and beauty there. But I'm mostly a traditionalist. They're more settled and confident, like "We got what works for us. come join us if you like. Or not." "New" religions irk me. But whatever, as long as you don't try to make me subscribe (which most new religions have a bad habit of doing. I loathe that Mormons spend two years going door to door. Loathe that. Jeez, you don't see the Jewish doing that.)  Besides, God has it covered and is throwing obstacles to that prejudice in my path currently. We're working on it together. 

I find it interesting that the guy who wrote the article is socially conservative, but thinks states should manage social issues. Wow. That's what I've been saying for freaking ever! "No one likes a foreign culture crammed down their throats." Exactly.  I don't think or believe like the people in, say, Kansas. Why should they have a say on my life here in Colorado? Texas? Foreign culture, totally.  

Finally, I think we are no longer the "United States" but the "Corporate States of America." I don't kid myself (as many people apparently do) that corporations don't own and run this company. Government should be the anti-thesis to that, not complicit. Running a country shouldn't resemble running a business in any shape or form.

It's clear that George Bush and company (by which I also mean the Democrats involved) drove the country into the ground. It took 8 years to destroy it; I always thought it'd take twenty to rebuild. The Republicans have done ZERO to help out in Congress  in the past four years (indeed, by their own admittance, they've stood firmly in the way, determined to not let that black guy -- and yeah, I think many of them think that way -- get another term). Now I'm supposed to think Mittens and Ears is a good idea? On what planet? They aren't my people. Mittens isn't my president. If elected, I will be absolutely disenfranchised from my own nation's government because there won't be one damn thing they'll do for me socially nor economically. They certainly won't help the people I love. Plus, if  you think they're going to ignore their chance to advance their social agenda, you're fucking kidding yourself.

It's time to go back to State rule. But there isn't a crony in either party that will ever allow that to happen. Which is why I don't choose a party, why I often feel more disdain for my own country than respect, and why I'll vote for Obama. I don't think he's all that, but I think he'll do the least harm.


Peter Dudley said...

I don't kid myself (as many people apparently do) that corporations don't own and run this company.

Freudian slip? A good one, in any case.

I'm off to read the linked article now. You said a mouthful, sister, and I say "Amen."

Tamela said...

I love you, Betsy. Couldn't have said it better.
I was a McCain supporter, who voted for Obama because the idea of Palin being one step from POTUS made my body pucker.

And if Mittens wins, I'll find you a lovely place on the beach down here in the Baja. 70 degrees year-round. Low cost of living. Can't beat it. Ensenada has great schools and several award-winning private schools that are affordable. I have a friend here who has two kids in school and she loves it.

Plus, I'm already scoping out the bars for you. lol.


ThinkBannedThoughts said...

I've said for a while now - regardless of what you may think of Obama, and I agree he's not perfect, he's still better than Mittens.
Thanks for the perspective. If enough of us speak out, maybe we'll get out of this with our rights intact(ish).

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Haha, Pete! Love that slip!! Now I have to leave it. Snort.

Ah c'mon, no Mittens lovers out there???

Carla said...

Looking forward to having some drinks together! Maybe we'll solve the world's problems. Or at least think we did! HA!

Peter Dudley said...

What confuses me about the Republicans who support Mitt is that in my opinion he is exactly the same person as John Kerry was eight years ago. Rich, out-of-touch white guy; impossible to pin down on actual beliefs and policy; nominated as the "most electable" among several unelectable candidates; he voted for it before he voted against it (Kerry had war funding, Mitt has Mittbamacare); some past behavior reviled by opponents (Kerry had "how do you ask a man to be the last to die for a mistake" and Mitt has his secret tax returns and his Bain offshoring), etc.

They are the exact same politician, with a different box ticked on their voter registration cards.

Which to me says everything we need to know about the US electorate and our presidential election process.

(Full disclosure: I voted for Kerry because I thought W was the worst possible thing for the US and the world. Kerry was at best inoffensive. I am sure that most Mitt supporters are voting for him because they see Obama as the worst possible thing for the US and the world, and they see Mitt as relatively inoffensive.)

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