the death of her

Yeah, I've been away. So sue me. Even writers need a vacation sometimes. I went to London and Belfast, largely for vacation (only one teensy networking event in two weeks) and we had a blast. Pix to come. If I feel like it.

Right now I'm knee deep in drafting EMISSARY. It's going swimmingly, if I do say so myself. I have that sense of "I'm back, baby!" Writing for the past year has been extremely difficult and trying. Maybe it's easier to write a book that's already sold? I don't know.

Then I run up against this sort of line: The truth could be the death of her.

Nice line? Prophetic. A great plant. Only, I'm in draft mode, and this one takes me off my plot-line, so I'm all WHAT THE HELL DOES IT MEAN??? 

I think it's my creative subconscious telling me to raise the stakes. Draken does keep secrets from his queen. Deadly secrets? I'm not so sure. But I'm pretty sure the line, simple as it is, is a keeper. So now I'll spend the rest of the book figuring out how her learning his secrets would be the death of her.

And I plot, too. Not that my subconscious knows that.


In other news, somehow I'm writing on three projects at once, all of which I'd lurve to finish by the end of the year (well, at least to have a solid Emissary draft for betas). No matter how I do the math, it all adds up to Type Faster.

What's y'all's been up to lately?


Peter Dudley said...

Coming up on "the end" for the sequel to my first novel (only about 6,000 words to go), but too much work travel and too much vacation have been getting in the way. Fortunately, both work and vacation have been awesomeness.

The line you quote is intriguing... love that the context is that it doesn't fit with your expected plot.

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

I've always hated the "kill your darlings" thing. My work actually becomes a lot more interesting when I don't kill my darlings. And that quote definitely is a darling.