more comic con cuz i'm still reeling from the awesome

So Saturday night we saw H2Awesome. They are geek punk. Is that a genre? It is now. And a fucking awesome one. Cuz they exist. And I can prove it cuz I'm listening to the CD so I can get the words. In true punk style, you can understand nary a word when they sing live. Except for "Inigo Montoya" and "Carl, stay in the house!" which I did get at the time, even several vodka-crans in.

Uncle Owen, you're not my dad...  Snort. Every song is fucking hilarious. And they can fucking play.

Tonight we went to dinner with fellow Jayhawks (friends of Electric Spec editor Lesley Smith) and told them all the ins and outs of Stepford. Like, people are actually nice here. I know! How weird is that. To look at them you'd think they'd be total bitches! And they don't talk behind your back. Much. But they don't teach spelling in this school district. Dunno why. (And that, there, was some irony for y'all paying attention)

 Tomorrow, the pool .Cuz it's hot. DAMN HOT.

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