bag o swag


Do you like romance??

Here's a bag o' swag from RomCon. I'm givin' it away. Name/email in the comments and I'll pick one and send it to you. Deadline Monday Night midnight.

I'll be cruising the swag table for more good stuff this afternoon.


Sheila said...

But are you having fun? (smcclune at that geemail place, btw....)

Kim in Hawaii said...

I enjoyed RomCon's inaugral year ... but it is too far from Hawaii! Please post recaps and photos!

Donna said...

Never been to RomCon. I go to Dragon*con every chance I get.

Vicki said...

Swagalicious! Con swag is always fun, I love going through it again after I've gotten home and then again about a month later and going, "Ooooo, where did I get that?" Still loving the stickee notes I got from HODRW mini-con last fall.

Sorry you got nickeled ... attendees expect it, but authors shouldn't have to put up with it.