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The bastard get of a Brinian slave and the Monoean king's lustful cousin, Draken Vae Khellian is destined for life as a slave, until slavery is outlawed. Draken find success in his uncle's military and climbs the social ladder, making a life for himself and his new wife. His happiness is brutally interrupted when he finds his wife gutted and hanging from a gamehook in their kitchen. Draken's foreign blood and the occult nature of the murder causes suspicion to fall upon him: He is convicted of murdering his wife and sent into exile.

Exiled to his father's homeland of Brinian, Khellian swears to bring his wife's murderer to justice and clear his name. But his survival skills are quickly tested in a foreign land filled with dark magics and unfamiliar politics. Draken escapes death with the help of a necromancer, who in turn asks for his help in a political matter. Assassination attempts and insurrections against the Brinian queen distract him from his oath of vengeance, but lead him to hidden, dangerous truths -- Truths that people seem willing to kill for.

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