aniversary minus cake

So last night we had our anniversary. And we had two 50$ coupons which we proceeded to eat and drink our way through. The waiter came back and said "You owe me 3.16. And we were like "CHA-CHING. We did it!"  It was the pumpkin donuts what tipped us over the edge. Totally the pumpkin donuts.

Then we went to Conors cuz Indulgers were playing and it was our anniversary and they played our party there last year so it was kind of a Mini-Party Anniversary Redux. Except short on cake and long on pumpkin donuts. I think Damien said something to me from the stage but I'm not sure cuz I don't hear well and he's all with the Irish accent. But it was still uber fun, they played old stuff, which I loved, and at 11 pm I turned into a pumpkin (pretty late for me, considering...seriously I don't know why I have this reputation for staying out late and partying--I only did that once this week at the PTA party on a Tuesday night for fuck's sake...ahem.

Anyway, did I mention the unicorns? I did on Twitter, including a little addendum of "I'm pretty sure other people can see them too." Just to let people know I wasn't suffering from some sort pumpkin-induced hallucination. Plus I kind of heckled the Boulder Startup Week people (#bsw12 in case you're wondering) and I LOVED doing it because I swear my husband (who'd actually been to some of the events) was amazed I figured out the hashtag and did that. I was pretty funny, I think, but he finally was like "I know these people and they know me." And I was all, "Yeah, well are you Twitter peepsters? Cuz I am. PSYCH! Guess I know them better than you." And it occurred that some of them might be readers anyway, plus I really like tech geeks so I've decided to befriend a bunch of them on Twitter. We all need to branch out and desegregate, especially on Twitter.

Anyway, I've been married 21 years and the husband rocks and is cuter than ever, so it's all good.

Also today I got to talk writing and had to nail in a 50 words or less what the first chapter does for a book, which was handy cuz I'm, too, working on a first chapter!  And the writers were intimidatingly nice and didn't laugh in my face or interrupt and they pretended to actually like me (and I think maybe some of them did like me, not that they should admit that out loud). Only once did I have to backtrack because the writer refuted what I said with something my own agent said (!) and so I clearly know nothing. It was actually pretty funny and made me reconsider my comment, which I did change my thought about half-way so it's all good.

Now I'm exhausted and going to bed to read. I've been reading lots so it's almost time for another review/recommendation post. I really should leave some Amazon love over there on Amazon, but I might not be the kind of person who does that... I'm not sure.

Oh, and I sold a couple more books. Woot! One at a time, baby. One. At. A. Time.

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