Tomorrow I'm teaching a class on "The Short Story Hater's Guide to Writing Short Stories"  (scroll down) with buddy David Boop. It'll be fun. One, cuz David is fun. Also cuz I'll be there! And I think I might have a crutch or two. We'll see. So far I can do about ten minutes with no crutch.

So yeah, I'm alive. Annoyed, but alive. I only had one bad day with the knee, yesterday, but by evening it was better. Now the rest of my body hurts from hanging out in bed. I went downstairs twice yesterday. I think they would have liked to have yelled at me about it but they gave up. I tried to drink a beer. Didn't taste good. The body just wants healthy junk I guess. Sigh. I'm not sleeping but I'm thinking lots. Starting new books will do that to you. I feel driven to come up with new ways to torture this guy. He is so noble and does try to do the right thing, though he fails miserably sometimes. My agent calls him a "deposed hero" which I think is a pretty accurate description.

I was reading a book which I really liked (no, won't say which one) but it got the Saggy Middle (unlike me, with the Saggy Bottom). I know I've been on painkillers and I'm short on sleep, but I still should be able to tell when the plot is getting forwarded, right? It became a whole lot of same-ole same-ole, as if the writer ran out of ways to yank out the characters' short hairs. Sad, really, cuz there's some great stuff in there.

And it's windy. WINDY!!!!!!!!!!!

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