b is for best. and for basketball.

Best, as in yours. Basketball, as in the Jayhawks variety from Kansas University. The Home of Basketball.  Phog Allen Fieldhouse and Naismith Hall(s). Basketball starts and ends at KU.

I love me some college ball. Hate pro ball. It's my bent. This season my Hawks did something no other team really often do, which was play hard to the buzzer.No matter if they were 10 down, 20 down. They didn't stop.

Even if they didn't win the rings, they are champions because they're doing what they love, and doing it fucking well. To the best of their ability. And it's fun to see them play.

Best, after all, is more a frame of mind than numbers on a scoreboard. 

There's a lesson in that for writers somewhere. Play hard to the buzzer. Be fun to watch.


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