never say never

I'm sure I've used that as a post title before. Whatever, though. That title is my bi-otch. I'll use it however and whenever I like. Rough. Tied up and whipped. With cream...


I'm not really a Young Adult reader or writer. I've thought about this a lot with its popularity, but I'm just not into teenaged angst. I prefer to wrestle with more mature problems. 

There's a couple of reasons for this, I think.

One, I have a teenager in the house. There's enough angst to go around, thankyouverymuch, and plenty to spare.

Two, I had very unhappy teenaged years, from extreme bullying to my parents divorcing. I'm pretty happy now and it's important to me that I let that point in my life go. I don't really see the point of dragging it all up via fiction. I don't think it would be therapeutic (I think going over something repeatedly can be therapeutic but it also can just get one in the habit of relying on that pain without letting it go. I think certain people and certain situations are prone to that, teenaged pain being one of them) and actually would create more problems for me.

The title, though, means I wouldn't necessarily turn down an offer to write it, should the right story come along. And a lot of folks think AOF walks the line between YA and Adult. I hope so. I wrote college aged characters because that was when life opened up for me. Life opens up for Kaelin and Aidan in their stories, though it's tough for them to see the forest for the trees... or the world for the demons...


I have to say, I wonder what the appeal is, especially for adults. Anyone out there know?

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Christine Hardy said...

Perhaps a desire to connect with that time when life was still fresh and ahead of you. Before you screwed it all up. Teens think their lives are ruined by this or that, but the truth is they are just getting out of the starting gate.

And all that energy. The fearlessness.

Other than that...yeah, I have no desire to relive those years at all.