a little nookie

Archive of Fire is now available for Nook, which I always want to type NoOk for some reason.

Anyhoo, go forth and get a little Nookie, courtesy of me...

Plus, here's a little bonus scene to tempt you:

As Aidan passed by Deidre to enter the house, she caught his hand and said, “You’re really something, you know that?”
Her skin glowed from her new tan and her pale blue eyes sparkled in the sun. Aidan gave her a slow smile. “Are you flirting with me, Deidre?”
“What would you say if I was?”
His smile widened and he squeezed her fingers. “I’d say it was about time.”
Marc padded barefoot into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door. He pulled out a carton and shook it. “Out again?  I’m going to have to get a part-time job just to keep you in milk.”
“Very funny,” Aidan said as he closed the sliding glass door behind him.
Marc squinted at him. “What are you grinning on about?”
Aidan shook his head and tried to frown. “Nothing.”
“Riiight,” Marc drawled, gesturing at Deidre with the milk carton.
Aidan threw his empty water bottle at him, and Marc’s laughter followed Aidan down the hall.

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Donna Hole said...

I bought the Kindle version already. Read it. Loved it, as I know I would. I writing the review tonight. Do you want to do a guest post at my blog when I post the review?

Let me know by e-mail. donnahole (at) gmail (dot) com