i get around

I'm in two places at once today. How? you ask. Cuz I'm the fuckin magic, baby, that's how.

First up, I'm hangin' with Donna Hole, bloggity pal and friend to Sex Scenes by way of  Come in Character, which I miss so much sometimes my heart hurts. She reviews Archive of Fire and I wrote up a lil somethin-somethin for her blog too.  Plus, I'm givin' away a book.

I'm also on an airplane to San Diego. I'm going to the zoo, the maritime museum, and Mysterious Galaxy. We were all set to have a signing there but schedules got fucked sideways. I still have to go say hi to those fine folks though and buy me some books!

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Marne Ann said...

I know you're having a BLAST anyways! I'm sorry about the schedule thing, though. That Hoovers, hon...