award nomination!

I'm up for a major award. :) Okay, not so major. But I am up for the monthly reader's choice award at GraveTells.  

There are two categories: Book (which lists ma book, Sentinel: Archive of Fire) and Favorite Author: (which lists moi, Betsy Dornbusch).

If you'll recall, GraveTells listed Lost Prince as one of their five Must-Reads for 2011. They like my stuff. :)  They're very supportive of me and other writers. Loves them, yes,  I do, and I DO actually read their reviews (and not just of my stuff too!)

I'm listed with folks like Stephanie Meyer and Richelle Mead.  Tre flattering. At the end of the day, though, this is about publicity. If I get lots of votes, other folks will think to themselves, "Self, that might be a good book. Other people thought so."  So please, if you have a moment in the next day or so, vote for moi. Pweeeease?


Glynis said...

Congratulations, Betsy! Off to vote.

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Thanks Glynis!!