a few things

Yes, yes, the giant Tim Tebow snowman in my neighborhood. I thought it was cute until they started talking about it  glorifying God on Fox News. Sigh. It's a snowman. Of a football player. On Fox...  Don't get me started, I don't have that kind of time.

Lost Prince is still half price through my publishers.  It's about 6.50 through Kindle and 5 bucks through Nook. Still plugging away at the sequel, which is turning into quite the bitch to write. I'm determined to get some words down today. Linkiage over on the sidebar.

Sent in a prelim design for my website to website extraordinaire, Tyler. My husband rolled my eyes when I told him what I wanted. "That's flash. That's gonna cost."  So it might not be quite as cool as I'd hoped, but I think it will be fairly cool. Cooler than most author sites, which I find boring as all hell.

Yes, my knee still hurts. Debating what to do about that.

And I had a nice, if busy, Valentine's Day, thanks for asking. And you?

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