Dude. One of my gigs is teaching a class in a Tipi! How cool is that. Admit it. Prettyfuckingcool.

Here are the deets.

I won't be doing it until this summer (cuz it's a Tipi and, like, I'm not sure if it has a firepit or what, but how warm can it be?)

I'll try my best not to be jetlagged as if things go well, I'll just be getting back incountry from a jaunt around the British Isles.

We're talking queries and networking and all that fun stuff. Ya. I might have a little bit of a unique perspective on it cuz I actually LIKE writing queries and such.

Here's one I just popped off the top of my head, unedited, for Battle Royal, one of the WIPs:

Prince Aric's Calixten Rebellion is fast running out of money, fuel, food, and time. But honor and hints at a weapon against the Coalition compel Prince Aric and his consort Katriel to seek a Salt cask left for them on a distant planet by his uncle, who died to protect it. When they arrive, it's to find the supposedly deserted planet occupied by Katriel's old Coalition Battle Commander, Kizran. After  capturing and interrogating one of Kizran's fighter pilots, Katriel arms herself with lies and tries to negotiate with Kizran. But Kizran is after the sizable bounty on the Lost Prince's head, even if he has to murder Katriel and the rest of the Calixtens to earn it. With her blood debt to the Calixtens and her love for Aric weighing heavy on her heart, Katriel plays on Kizran's attraction to her and offers him her will and her body to save Aric's people. Kizran readily agrees. After all, he still has someone else close to Aric prepared to betray him. But Kizran is about to learn that the blood of gods runs through Aric's veins and he isn't about to let go of Katriel, nor his people, so easily.


Jeremy Bates said...

great job!

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Thanks, Jeremy. I think it needs some work but it gets the idea across. Tough in a series to mention the series' goal and the book's goal in one query.

Anonymous said...

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