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Because I can't do anything normal without having some sort of story attached... sigh. Today is my baby girl's birthday. She's ten. Yesterday was the party. We went ice skating at the mall and got pizza and everyone had a blast, thanks very much. But it's been blowing like a muthafucka in Colorado, and cold, damn cold, too. Well, the air is warm. The wind is fucking cold.

I looked, well, cute. I had a cute top on and a cute little wool jacket cuz I was having a Fat Tuesday party later and I only had a chance to dress once. I couldn't find my mittens though so the guy loaned me these.

Adorableness, huh?

I told him I liked them and he said they were highly coveted in all quarters, so I resigned myself to giving back my new little friends at the end of the party. I dutifully sent my kid back with the mittens and a tip.

And they guy let me keep the mittens.

But that's not the funny part. The boys (son and friend) said:

kid    The skating rink guy thought you were single, Mom,  and gave you the mittens because he wants to ask you on a date.

me    Uh huh. I'm sure the tip had nothing to do with it.

kid    No, mom. He did! You should at least go give him a kiss for the mittens.

me    ????

me    Cuz your dad would love that. He loves when I go give other guys kisses.

kid    On the cheek, I mean!

me    Cuz your dad loves when I give other guys kisses on the cheek.

The funniest bit to me is that my son is now learning that shit like this happens to me. Like, often.

Two interviews of note.

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Donna Hole said...

really cool :)


siebendach said...

Well, okay. So you got it goin' on. That's not exactly news...