Fifteen hundred posts since September 16, 2004.  You can see that first one here. I do not in fact appear for a long time (longer than I looked), if ever, when you google Sex. But I am listed immediately after the official listings for Starbucks.  Of course, that's Google for you, throwing up sites it thinks is important to me. It used to do that much less; the algorithms weren't as sophisticated. Still, it's kind of a fun screenshot.

It's a wonder I haven't gotten a nasty gram to cease and desist. But srsly, I love me some Starbucks so I hope that never happens!

A lot of my friends have stopped blogging. A friend of mine was just lamenting the loss of companionship and community formed on blogs. I agree. Facebook just doesn't compare, though I enjoy it. I can't imagine not having SS@S in my life. It's a total fixture, sometimes a joy, sometimes a trial.

I was already writing the Sentinel Series when I started blogging on the advice of another friend and I'm just now seeing it in print (or will, when I get my copies). In that time I've sold, I dunno, 15 short stories or so and four books. I've written easily a million words on this blog I bet (it'd be cool to tally it somehow) and easily two million in fiction. Interestingly, while I do think I've improved, none of that practice has actually made it much easier.

Sex Scenes at Starbucks has name recognition. People know it around the web and at home, too. People came up to me at parties when I was still anon, grinning cuz they'd figured out it was me. After I finally posted my picture (I was outed by LOCUS magazine a few years back in a WorldCon spread) people started coming up to me at cons.

Anyway. 1500 posts. 8 years. Kinda blows my friggin' mind. And in honor of it, here's something to blow yours.