why space operotica

I asked for some topics on Facebook and got a couple. One question was in reference to Lost Prince:  I want to know when you're gonna take the characters and setting from "Lost Prince" and make a "regular" sci-fi story around them.

I'll make an assumption that because the book is erotica, in some quarters it doesn't count as real science fiction. I find it interesting that some sex (one reviewer aged the book for readers  16+, which would make it basically an R-rated movie) and romance seem to kill its sci-fi-ed-ness. But seriously? People don't have sex in space? They don't fall in love and get fucked over by their relationships? Love never makes them do crazy things?

Well, not in real space, probably, cuz those people are trained and disciplined, and there aren't that many folks up there. (Though if they aren't fucking each other some of the time, then, well, I always say You can't fix stupid.

Dude. It's space. Zero-grav sex!)

So to answer the specific question: the story is underway. As it stands. If someone wants to give me a huge advance to rewrite it for other markets, then make an offer. But for now, the specific answer to the question is: Never.

Not asked, but pertinent: the threefold answer about why I wrote an erotic space opera.  I didn't think I could sell space opera on the open market. My publisher was asking for SF erotica. I've always wanted to write a tribute piece to Star Wars, in the spirit and the genre of that great classic story.

I think I flung a bit far afield with it...Katriel and Aric are bound by their past, though they're not twins separated at birth like Luke and Leia (sorry, forgot to warn about spoilers). But what ties them is just as dark as a father gone darkside...or maybe darker. Yeah, probably darker, knowing me.

Next, a tie in question: Why sex?


Sarah Laurenson said...

Sharon Green anyone? Hers are more along the lines of Sword & Sorcery, but she has quite a few stories that are soft core erotica. Prolific author, but it was very hard to find her books sometimes. First one I found that got me hooked, I picked up in a 7/11 20+ years ago.

Military Space Opera is one of my favorite genres - which fits my being a vegetarian pacifist and all. I'm a sucker for romance though the formula books bore me.

This one sounds right up my alley!

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Cool! It's had good reviews. :)

siebendach said...

Why sex?

What kind of a question is THAT!

Why the hell NOT!