contest over

They replaced the cover last night...YAY!

via A Christmas Story Museum
Shannon and Sarah tied with 8 differences each... I did give Shannon a bonus point for mentioning Jeanne, a dear friend who was kind enough to blurb my book. (You'll notice on the sidebar that Mario Acevedo also blurbed it--the publisher put his on the back)

So you two each win copies! It's a Major Award! I'll try to hunt down your email on your bloggies and see which format you want.

I'm guessing print copies will be in by mid February.

It's also snowing like a banshee here right now. Simply dumping! We loves it, yes we does, because its wintertimes.

God. I'm reduced to talking weather. I'm signing off now to head for the Oman estate in Canada, where Aidan and Kaelin battle a whole new legion of demons.

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