bezazzle yo

Sentinel has a store.

I'm still in the process of getting some stuff up there, so be patient. But it's fun to create stuff I think the twins might wear, like this. 

I'm also willing to take some ideas. Next up: some quotes from the book on T-shirts.

Also, I'm working on plans for appearances this year. Looks like the first will be Galaxy Fest.  And right now WORLD CON is in the plans! Yay!

Still fumbling over signings and such. Watch this space. Lots to arrange.

Incidentally, I'm taking topics for ideas to blog about. If you want to hijack my blog for a day, feel free. Plus, I thought I'd do some short author interviews. I'm going to make up four questions, I think, the same for everyone. Interested?

Okay, off to blowdry my hair before it dries funny.

1 comment:

Christine Hardy said...

Oh. My. Gosh. The t-shirts are so cool!

Of course, the immediate question raised by Jason's quote is... "eat what?"

You can interview me if you want but it doubt it will be very interesting.

Hmmm.. things to blog about... I have a few ideas.