Still confirming things but I think this is the schedule. It'll go up on the sidebar when I get my act together. There of course will be some signings, now that I have a publicist (who rocks the freaking casbah). I've hesitated at scheduling due to not knowing when the books would come--but the hard copies are now available! Yay! Purty Trade Paperbacks at  a basic trade paperback price. Still waiting for my copies at home...

The schedule as it stands, with more to be added, including signings and prol'ly a partay or two along the way...

GalaxyFest  Colorado Springs Feb 24

Pikes Peak Writers Conference   Colorado Springs  April 21

Denver ComicCon   June 15 -- I will at least be in attendance

RomCon Denver June 24

Teaching in a Tipi, more on this later, July 14

WorldCon  Chicago  Labor Day Weekend

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers  Denver Sept 15

Mile Hi Con Denver  Oct 21

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