what and why?

Whoa. Busy. I've had and continue to suffer enjoy a full social agenda. (No. Seriously haven't seen some friends lately so catching up has been fun!)

Trying to do some guest blog posts ahead in preparation of heading out of town after Christmas (though we're getting internet at the lake--squee!-- also good for reading slush) I've been doing final edits on Sentinel: Archive of Fire, and handing it back. Book's lookin' good, I must say. I'm excited. :)  Plus I've got a final go through on a book to submit and revisions on Archive of Earth.

Really, though, it's not that I haven't had a lot to say to y'all, it's that I've had too much to say. If that makes sense. I can't seem to settle down the questions in my mind. Sometimes I put them on Facebook. But mostly I just hang out wondering on my own and coming to no conclusions. Lately it's been circling a theme of what people find important and why. Maybe that's what people think about at the holidays. For me it's been this upcoming book release, which is important to me.  For my dog, it's been chasing squirrels.

Finding the perfect gift? Wrapping things pretty? Keeping on schedule? Getting everything "done"?

All important?

I'm not so sure right now what exactly is important, except for the bigger stuff like my family and friendlies. So I'm hanging with that, which isn't a bad thing at all.


Wendy said...

It sounds like your priorities are "just right"! (And at least you're not the one chasing squirrels.)

Merry Christmas!

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

You too!

Actually. (guilty grin) Sometimes it's fun to chase squirrels. And throw rocks at them up in the aspen trees outside my study.

Or. Um. So I've heard.