Sorry so quiet. I've been on deadline for Archive of Fire's final edits. I got galleys today and I'm getting excited. Of course it seems I'm always doing final edits in Nov/Dec for a January release. Sigh.

And do we love that cover? Sigh. Such a hottie!

It looks as if the paperback will come out in February or March. I'm not too sad about that. I'd like to push e-Sales after Christmas (for all those new Kindles) and plus I'm snowboarding during that time, AND the husband will likely be traveling some. Always busy busy.

I'm back into writing Battle Royal (the second in the Salt Road Saga) and working hard on revisions for Archive of Earth, the second Sentinel book. It's nice to be just writing for a little while, though I'm working on my schedule for next year and it's looking hairy! I'm guessing January is out, unfortunately. I'm hoping to go big and bad with cons starting in March or April.  But there will hopefully be some bookstores/signings, etc prior to that, so I'll keep you informed!

Also, my kid broke his arm Saturday snowboarding. Poor guy. Can't even hold the PS3 controller!

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