a major award

I've just been made aware that my book Lost Prince was nominated for several awards on a review website, including best couple, best Heroine, and best author. I'm currently ranking last (just found out about it and so I couldn't promote this. I doubt I can win any categories, but if I can get the rankings to move up a bit, it might encourage more people to try Lost Prince. Takes about 30 seconds to vote. 
My couple is named Katriel and Alaric, the book is Lost Prince, and my penname is Ainsley. This reviewer is really going the distance for my book and I'm so excited by her support. Thanks for yours!
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VOTE! :)

Added: Be sure to get all 4 categories selected before hitting vote. :)


Wendy said...

Go Betsy, go Betsy, go Betsy...!!!

Stephen Parrish said...

What Wendy said.