I have been busy! And keep reading, big news below!

First I went to Mile Hi Con. Two days later found me in San Diego at World Fantasy. No sleep, countless cocktails (the Nightshade Publicist made the best ones, and that party also had a barman who called me doll. be-still my heart. not every man can pull that off) There were pancakes with real maple syrup from our Canadian friends, and so many great conversations with friends new and old. The writing industry is the best folkses ever.

Then Vegas, baby. But y'all know I can't talk about that.

I'm sick now. Shocker, that.

Before I left I wrote a quick story for a FREE anthology. Sixteen erotica writers on Google+ wrote two anthologies worth of stories, chock full of hot sex and drama. I'm going to give you a bunch of links here, adding them as they come to me. Most formats are FREE, those which aren't (Amazon, for instance) will donate earnings to the It Gets Better Project. 

Please, if you haven't heard of it, then hit the link, sign the pledge, and see the messages many people, including our president, are doing for LGBT youth who so often struggle socially in school.

My story is called Rowan and Ellowyn and it's in Tasty Little Tails

So, for some free links:

Sexy Briefs: Tasty Little Tails http://bit.ly/TastySMSH
Sexy Briefs: Knickers in a Twist http://bit.ly/KnickersSMSH

Sexy Briefs: Tasty Little Tails http://bit.ly/TastyARE
Sexy Briefs: Knickers in a Twist http://bit.ly/KnickersARE

Google + page for links and updates

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