looks like a tylenol pm hangover
It's one of THOSE days, when I have appointments. I suck at appointments. I just almost forgot to keep the vet appointment for the second time in a row. And my poor second child has wanted to get on guitar lessons for months now and we keep putting her off. THIS is the week, damn it.

I have quite the schedule for the next four weeks. I get a by week next weekend with nothing to do but Octoberfest at the park by my house. After that it's Mile Hi Con and then World Fantasy and then Vegas! I was just in KS this past weekend as well. 4 trips in four weeks, yes. It's fun though.

I got my business cards. I put my picture on them. Writers are doing that now so when you get a bunch of cards you recall who is who. That's good for us name-impaired sorts.

Back to this weekend, I was at a wedding and my husband's HS reunion. It was so fun to see everyone, and a couple of people admitted to stalking me online. That happens from time to time and it always surprises me. Srsly. That's like me in a cage at the zoo. Weeiird. My life is jammies, ever-widening ass in chair, fingers on keyboard. There you go. The romantic allure of writing...

But people know...me. Me. It's so strange, and yet I get reminders like this a lot. Facebook is kind of like a zoo, you know? Here's my little cage. Watch me in it!! Oh, but don't invade my privacy!! 

Oh shit and I just recalled the kids don't have school on Friday... Zoo anyone?


Vicki Sue Law said...

You and me both, I suck at remembering appointments. I get busy with work or writing and everything else leaves my brain. Once I forgot to take cupcakes to my son's second grade class on his birthday. Really bad. He and I both cried, then he got twice as many bday presents as he would have otherwise. He's 18 now. I'm thinking he's over it and I'm not.

We will possibly see you at MileHi Con if Marne can talk me into it.

Good post.


sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Yay, please come! Mike would LOVE it for sure! And you'll know loads of people there.