I'm going to be away for the better part of the next two weeks, attending two conferences and a vacation in Vegas, baby. (well, a little work. mostly play) I very well might not be posting here often. Check me on Facebook and Tumblr as I plan on posting bunches of pics from the cons.

This weekend is Mile Hi Con. If you're around, come look me up.

3 Panel busting the Myths of Writing
5:30 I'm doing this speed date with an author gig. Come ask me questions! There'll be fake tattoos and candy!
Early evening I'll be hosting Writers Networking in the Bar. (during which we'll likely discuss anything BUT writing)
10 pm I'm doing a late night reading and discussion. We promise alcohol, sex, and violence.

After that I'm mostly playing fan but as always, you can usually find me near or in the bar when not in a session. I'm friendly and I never bite without asking first.

Next week is World Fantasy. I signed up too late to be on any panels, alas, but since it's my first one I'm mostly interested in watching and learning anyway. So. Excited.

Hope to see some of you there!

Three other short announcements:

I'm painfully behind on my slush. BUT I'm bringing the ipad and reading as quickly as I can. 

The Secret Project is not secret any more. I wrote a story for Story Portals. It's this cool new online magazine with stories written by different authors in the same world. Very fun place to hang out. Not sure when mine goes up yet.

Also, I just banged (ahem) out an erotica ghost story for a FREE anthology. That's coming out in the next few weeks and the line-up looks super fabulous. I'll keep you posted.

See ya on the flipside.


Jill Berry said...

Hi Betsy! I am guessing you are back now. Nice to find you here, I am a writer too, but not in quite the same world. Will be checking out your stories....

sex scenes at starbucks, said...