writing thoughts

Having been to a conference all weekend (yawn, jebus I'm tired) I've had a lot of writing discussions over the past few days. We came to a few consensuses.
  • Writing is hard.
  • We all suffer revelation flu in the middle of the night, or first thing in the morning, or during a conference call. Whenever is most inconvenient. Mine most recently came in the form of three titles. So I now have a trilogy to write with only the germ of a story. 
  • On the first sale panel (which kind of makes me giggle, since I'm four books into this) I was asked about how I sold, when I started writing, all that good stuff. So much focus is put on the "first sale" the "big break". For me it truly is a journey. I've felt like a working writer since I started writing and selling short stories. I took a year off novel writing. So when I got my first book deal, it was just another sale, albeit a good one. To date my best sale happened this summer (still secret, sorry). So my career truly is a journey. Not enough emphasis is put on that, though all the writers I spoke with seemed to agree.
  • Writing is hard.
  • Most people don't see anything but other people and stuff when they look around. They don't see stories. Huh. Who knew?
  • I usually do better when I wing it on panels. But my friend made it so easy to prepare!
  • The silliest, best conversations happen after 2 am in the con suite. Also, drunk writers should not have access to a real sword. Just sayin' is all.
  • Writing is hard.
There you have it, writing thoughts from a very tired Sex.


Vicki said...

Damned straight .... writing is hard.

I missed our hospitality suite time this year. Still recovering from the surgery, I kept crashing. I was good for about 3 hours and then BOOM, I was down. After 11 p.m. there was no recovery. I could write my own zombie book after this weekend.

The conference was GREAT! Our keynote and Sunday speakers were exemplary (what is it about a Brit dropping f bombs that is so hysterical?), all but one of my workshops were inspiring and put me in new directions (cozy mystery? me??), and this was the first year I did an agent critique workshop .... WOW. I won't pass up that opportunity again.

Of course the most inspiring part of the weekend is being around others writers, all in different parts of their writer's journey. It's like breathing in writing everywhere you go. Awesome!

Now I'm off to put all my thoughts together, re-task some of my stories, and BICHOK.

It was good to see you, if only a few fleeting times.

Christine Hardy said...

I'm so glad you had an awesome time! I hope I can make it next year. Congrats on your award, your sales, everything!