Don't forget the contest. Scroll Down. Seriously, dude. You could WIN.

Thursday - Sunday I'm attending  Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers conference and if you pay turn up, you get to see me in the flesh!

I know. Totally worth it!

Here's my schedule:

Friday 1 pm Short Story Intensive - Steamboat on Atrium level
Friday evening 7ish Liquor and Literature  - Bar
Saturday 3:30 First Sale Panel  - Platte Room

And I'll probably get dragged into something else... I think someone wanted me to come talk erotica? Maybe I'm imagining it, but that would be fun. Meanwhile I'll be tweeting all the action and posting pix on FB.

Other than my scheduled activities, if I'm not disrupting soaking up the gory blood red juices and fleshy nuggets of knowledge of some brilliant writer,  you can probably find me (all together now!) in the bar or the hospitality suite.


So, went to Big Gig this weekend. Blink 182. ROCKING AWESOME. Who knew? Well, apparently, though seriously it was the worst attended Big Gig evah. They kinda cheated by combining with Honda Civic tour (that oughter get me some trolls) which was Blink and My Chemical Romance. I also saw lots of adorable young bands, including the above little piece of heaven from Calibrate Me. (click to enbiggen)


Sarah Laurenson said...

Is he old enough to drive?

Hope you have a blast. I'll be at our retreat weekend here in L.A. myself.

Travis Erwin said...

I so wish I was there.

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Me too, Travis!!!

Sarah, the singer? He looks SO young. But I'd put him at 25 or so. He was an absolute professional. He was supposed to play the main stage and got screwed out of that somehow (I suspect the venue--management there apparently sucks) and he kept the show going and the crowd rocking the whole time.