I hate sales people. Like. HATE them. I just don't play well with them. I've  never walked out of a car-buying experience without the salesperson wishing they could hammer a few nails into my hand. It is just not in me to be nice to salesy people. In fact, I make fun of them and their products, too.

Ditto evangelicals, no matter their topic, cuz they're just salespeople who earn a different currency - the currency of self-worth and validation.

Sorry, can't find the link, I know it was on Boing Boing, but there's a recent study showing that other people buying the same products as you builds your sense of self-worth. (yes, you. cuz I feel like picking on you) I think we instinctively know this, or ok, maybe it's just me cuz it is usually just me, that sales most often has everything to do with the person doing the selling and much, much, much, MUCH less to do with the person doing the buying. The buyer is an aside, sort of like the writer in a publishing deal. (sorry,  couldn't help it. publishing, you left yourself wide open for that one.)

So this study, to me, explains Christians proselytizing than any true concern for our heathen, lost souls. Not saying there isn't both phenomena at work (even within the same person) but it just struck a chord with me. Because I get the exact same "Back Off!" mudflaps feeling when I get preached to, no matter the topic.

For example, the other day I had yet another Apple person try to recruit me. For the seventy-eleventh time,  I don't pick the hardware for my family. That's the hubbin's job. That's not to say I don't have an opinion. I do, sort of. I have an iPad and while I like it for many things, there are a ton of things I DON'T like. And the apps crash like all the time. Except for Kindle. That one seems solid.

Apps never crash on my Droid. It works brilliantly. And don't even go there with Apple vs Other screen keyboards. No contest. 

But Apple has the lock on music management. Hands down. And Apple stuff is just so damned sexy. I just want to pet it, and in a naughty way, too.

So I'm sitting on the fence, as I am with most opinions. Sigh. And it's starting to chafe, if you want to know the truth.

But my question for me has always been, why do people care what phone or computer or shingle or hand towel or air freshener or religion I use?  They always say it's cuz they want everyone to be as happy and carefree and secure and closed system and Saved as they are!  They want to share the Good News. (which I hate hate hate that phrase. I don't know why.) They want us all to go to Heaven and know God, whether he's a Genius or Jesus.

And now I know. It actually isn't me. It's THEM. Cuz you know what? I've got a computer I'm happy with. And, incidentally, a religion, too. Might not be "their" specific brand, but I don't give a fuck. It's time "they" didn't either.


Christine Hardy said...
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Christine Hardy said...
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Christine Hardy said...

So. What you are really telling me here is that Aidan went into hysterical fits, begging Torgil to believe him and see his point of view, because HE needed validation for his personal belief.

Not because he knew she and her people were in mortal jeopardy and was trying to save them.


sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Well, he is a seer. Kinda different than yer regular everyday Apple user.

Kieron Heath said...

Nobody likes a preacher.