miscellaneous monday

After a week in Turkey the Hubbinses is coming back home today. Sigh. No more reading with the light on in bed. Oh, I mean, YAY!

He's bringing me some stuff. I always wanted this sort of internationally flavored house, sort of like the coffee only not really. This time it's a suzani for the guest bedroom,  which, incidentally has the room plate from the main haunted room at the Stanley Hotel.  Yanno, the haunted hotel from The Shining.  It's there because my friend Stuart and I went to hang out there one afternoon and had so much fun. And, cuz, it's haunted. So I figure it might run the guests off before they wear out their welcome.

And he's bringing me a surprise cuz it's my birthday next week.

Does this seem worth playing? I thought I'd let my kid at it and see if he likes it. Might be fun. It says 14 year olds, but he's as tall as one... and we're past due some Big Questions, which I'm looking forward to discussing.

I also am cleaning the house. It's a crapfest since construction and summer.

I know. There I go making you wish you were me again.

On the writing front, I'm going to plot the sequel to LOST PRINCE. I think it will be a Katriel/Aric book all right, but I'm going to pump up a character and find him a love interest for book 3 and push on into new characters after that. No title yet. I might just have to wait until the end. I suck at titling, I think.

I feel torn, as a lot of writers do, between trying to write and promote. But I am starting to believe the newish idea (not new in the erotica/romance industry--they've known this for years) that that best promotion for a book is the next book. When you see romances lined up on the shelves (eShelves or rlShelves) they often are listed in series, narrow spines in pink and purple and cobalt lined up like sexy, cross-dressing soldiers. Also, fantasy, the oldest genre, is the same way.

I'm also torn on the whole agent thing based on some things I'm reading. What are you all thinking? To agent or not?

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