busy busy

Just got a super sweet writing gig (secrecy abounds, tell ya later) and I'm pounding away, one. sentence. at a. time., on ARCHIVE OF EARTH. I'm writing the climax, which is all actiony and stuff, and it's all utter shit (No. I mean it really is. Serious this time.)  I'll have major rewriting to do, but that's okay.

Also, pool, and cleaning house, and a bathroom remodel which will be wicked cool and will be featured here at Sex Scenes when it's all done, maybe even with pix of the tatted guys who are doing the work. I see people all tatted up and I really wanna ask them the story behind each one. It's kind of like not looking at big boobs for me; tough to maintain an air of disinterest.

I was contacted by a band recently (you know, cuz that's how I roll). So anyway, their re: was what caught my attention:The Amends obviously think The Amends are a great new Colorado indie rock band, but not nearly as awesome as Sex Scenes...

Anyway, I took a listen and thought they sounded cool. And you know I'm all about the local music scene. So here's some linkage love and so, you know. Go clicky clicky.

The Obligatory Facebook  Page (god, we're all such tools, aren't we?) 

and some songs

Dance (http://theamendsband.bandcamp.com/track/dance-demo-mix) – Going for a classic Johnny B.Goode type of feel, but with a punk edge
Real Life (http://theamendsband.bandcamp.com/track/real-life  -- a straightforward, piano-driven rocker
Hotel Lobby (http://theamendsband.bandcamp.com/track/hotel-lobby-live-at-hermans)– starts with a catchy melodic piano riff but evolves into a barn burner


Tyler from The Amends said...

Thanks so much for the kind words... Can't wait to check out Lost Prince.

Kieron Heath said...

You.... *wags finger* what you hiding?

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Haha, I'll never tell... until you get to read it!